As a Realtor for over 24 years, I was often asked. What things as a homeowner should do, and what they should leave alone.  Bathrooms are one of those areas that fall into both camps.  I had a rule of thumb.  If you spend $1 you need to increase the value by $1.50. 

The questions to ask are:  Is the current bathroom functional?  Are the walls solid?  Are the taps working properly?  Is there any evidence of mold?  On a scale of 1 to 10, how ugly is it?  What condition is the rest of the house in?

If the rest of the house is in disrepair, there is no sense in replacing the bathroom.  Having a new bathroom in an old, rundown house; is, in my opinion like placing a pearl in a swine’s nose.  However, if the rest of the house (main floor) is in good repair then a new modern bathroom can make it a rockstar. 

Bathroom Reno

So, now you have decided to re-do the bathroom. Should you go with the “new bathroom in a day” solution?  It is probably cheaper, and hey, I am selling the house anyway, so, what does it matter?  My response is; if the plumbing and walls are sound and up to date, then this route may make sense, but if there is any mold or plumbing issues, then the inspector’s BS detector will be going off.  You cannot hide mold by covering it with a fancy looking skin.  The inspector’s moisture meter will surely find you out.

The issue that I have with these systems, is that, in most cases, they do not address the problems.  If you have 10, 20 or 30 year old mixer valve and taps, they will fail.  Now you need to call the company back to remove the skin, so you can give the plumber access to repair or replace the problem.  Then you have to call them again to re-install it once the repairs are complete.

Let me contrast that with what we do. 

What we do

We begin by removing the walls around the bathtub and the bathtub itself.  Then, we inspect the walls for any mold issues and repair them as necessary. We always replace the plumbing with a new top quality mixer valve and showerhead.  We install the new bathtub, then create a complete waterproof envelope using materials that are impervious to mold.  Once the basics are done properly, we install beautiful new tile, including niches, shelves or highlight accents, and finish it off with a top quality, self sealing grout. The whole process takes about 3 to 5 days. 

So, you can hide the problem in one day or have a completely new bathroom in about 3 to 5 days.


The surprising thing is, that you can have a complete bathroom makeover for the same price or even less than the cover-up companies.  We will make your bathroom the star of your home.  And by the way, we will add double the cost to your home value. 

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