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At Bathrooms Bathrooms Bathrooms we use Jobber to book our appointments.

Bathroom Renovation Companies Edmonton | Jobber is a software platform designed to help service-based businesses manage their operations more efficiently. While the primary users of Jobber are typically businesses, there are several benefits for consumers who book appointments through Jobber:

  1. Convenience: Consumers can easily book appointments to meet with a qualified member of our team online at their convenience, 24/7, without the need to make phone calls or visit a physical location.
  2. Transparency: Jobber provides consumers with clear information about available appointment slots, services offered, and pricing, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  3. Efficiency: Booking an appointment to meet us through Jobber can save consumers time, as they can quickly find and schedule appointments without going through a lengthy manual process.
  4. Real-Time Availability: Consumers can see real-time availability for appointments, reducing the chances of double booking or scheduling conflicts.
  5. Automatic Reminders: Jobber can send automated appointment reminders to consumers via email or text, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.
  6. Communication: Jobber can facilitate communication between consumers and service providers, making it easy to ask questions, make special requests, or provide additional information.
  7. Feedback and Resolution: If there are any issues with the service provided, consumers can use Jobber’s communication features to provide feedback and seek resolution.
  8. Appointment History: Consumers can keep a digital record of their past and upcoming appointments, making it easier to manage their schedules.

At Bathrooms, Bathrooms, Bathrooms we know your time is valuable. We want you to park your interest with us and trust our expertise to guide you to your dream bathroom.

Remember our OFFER: Booking with us before the end of December 2023 means a free Shower Niche for your new bathroom.

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